True Democracy in Pakistan: Hopes and Hurdles – CSS Essay 2020

Introduction: Democracy in Pakistan – Hopes and Hurdles

Democracy in its purest form would be a government in which every adult citizen has an equal say in decision making process that affects his life. The very foundation of Pakistan is democracy. It is very unfortunate testimony that the plant of democracy  has planted by Quaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Founder of Pakistan ) watered by the blood of million of Muslim men, women and children has not taken  its roots deep enough to make the country a durable Democratic state , despite the fact that Pakistan blossomed in the soil of democracy . The initial years of Pakistan Crisis were enriched  with multitude of crises. Bundles of crises have not given the smooth path for the establishments of a strong democracy.
The country is still unable to enjoy the dividends of the democracy , being enjoyed by the masses in western countries. Yet , a ray of hope is there because of improved socio-economic and political condition in Pakistan. Improved literacy rate , vibrant socio-economic and political conditions in Pakistan.Improved literacy rate, vibrant social media and civil society m positive legislation for empowerment of women and successful transition of women democratic governments etc. Future of Pakistan seems promising in the presence of these and some other factors However, it has been witnessed that building the democratic institution takes time, countries like United Kingdom have been doing it for hundred of years. As democracy inevitably be pups along the road which will create hindrance in he development of a true democracy in letter and spirit. Inherited  Politics  unabated corruption rigging intervention by other countries  and unhealthy role of Opposition etc are few of the hurdles in the way of development of true democracy . It must be borne in mind that the only democracy can keep a country strong so , instead of chasing the mirage of democracy there is heated ti take some practical measures on war-footings so that the plant of democracy planted by Quaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah can prosper in this Holy land.

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