software reporter tool 2019

software reporter tool 2019

software reporter tool 2019

Disable software reporter tool in google chrome:

Software reporter tool is a freeware tool developed by Google inc, to monitor and block Google Chrome addons and other software. Some addons might be infected or cause performance and security issues for the users. Such as stealing users’ data or running mining software back-end etc.
Some users reported that Software reporter tool is wasting so much memory and they wishes to disable it.

Disable Software reporter tool (Steps):

Step 1:

Software reporter tool at google is located at this location: 
C: Users USERNAME AppData Loca l Google Chrome User Data SwReporter Google Chrome Version software_reporter_tool.exe.
If you didn’t see this location of file, go to Folder options and enable show hidden files and folders and check again.

Step 2:

After you find this file, Right click on software_reporter_tool.exe and go to properties, under Security tab, click Advanced button.

Step 3:

Now click, disable inheritance option and select the option ‘ remove all inheritance permissions ‘ as shown below’

If this didn’t resolve this issue, try enabling and disabling it again and select ‘Convert inherited permissions to explicit permissions’

Hopefully, this will resolve your issue, feel free to ask for help in the comment section.

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