Hybrid 2019

Hybrid 2019

Hybrid 2019

Hybrid 2019 is a newer multi platform tool used to convert all types of inputs such as mp3, ogg, x264 etc with in mp4, mk4 or blue ay. It is a Qt based software with many exciting features such as given below:

  • Supports audio video filters
  • Supports audio video combi profiles
  • Creates chapters automatically
  • Free tagging support
  • Compatible with many containers
  • Audio/Video pass through
  • Build in bit rate calculator
  • Can automate different functions
  • Custom fonts
  • Drag and drop feature

How to install??

Its a simply way to install this free software just double click the installer and allow installation in C: directory. Some antivirus software may block installation of this software as modifier of dll files. Skip these checks and continue installation. 

Freeware download:

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