PUBG PC | Tencent games | Download 2019

PUBG PC | Tencent games | Download 2019


PUBG is short for player Unknown’s battlegrounds was first made for PC then became popular for android platform. Installing and playing it on android is free and easy to download from google play store. While on PC, you’ve to purchase player Unknown’s battlegrounds from steam.
The estimate price for PC is 29.99$ USD which is equivalent to 4248 Pakistani Currency or more. Which is very expensive for most of the players to purchase it. This is the reason why people are using it on mobile platform as compared to steam.

Should I Download for PC or Android?

No doubt for PC its very easy to play for hours and enjoy the HD graphics and high quality sounds. But still most players don’t play player Unknown’s battlegrounds on PC because its costly.
For android, its free to play and easy to update through google play and its portable.
If you’ve the money to purchase it on steam, then you should definitely go for PC. But if you cannot effort that cost, you can download and play it for free on mobile.
Just Open play store and type PUBG in the search bar. its around 1.7 GB in size you can download it easily over there.

Download player Unknown’s battlegrounds on PC:

Follow these steps to download it on steam:
Step #1: Download Steam from the link below:
(Note: If you already have steam downloaded, please skip this step)
Step #2: Install Steam on c:\ directory .. just follow the installation instructions.
Step #3: After you’ve installed the steam, you need to create or login steam account. For new account, click “create an account” after you open steam.
Step #4: Once you’ve created the account. Verify your email through steam guard code you received on email you just signed up!
Step #5: Once you’ve logged in successfully, type in search bar in steam store”Player Unknowns battlegrounds” ..
Step 6: Purchase the game from credit/debit card. It will cost 29.99$ .
Step 7: After you purchase it, It will automatically starts the download it will take some time.
Step 8: Once download finishes, open the game from desktop shortcut.
Step 9: Enjoy! playing player unknown’s battlegrounds on PC!

If you still have questions, or any issue related to this topic, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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