How to get free web hosting 2019

How to get free web hosting 2019

How to get free web hosting 2019

Web Hosting:

Web hosting is an essential part of today’s IT and Technology. Today modern technology, businesses, shops, companies, blogs, personal users, social medias, news, entertainment all are highly need of website and hence web hosting is required to host their website online. Web hosting helps them get new visitors, buyers and users from all over the world.

Good web hosting means better user experience and helps in lower bounce back rate on your website. Buyers should also focus on the website security and keep them updated to stop malicious traffic and users from hacking and hitting down the web server. For this purpose a good web hosting with strong firewall and SSL certificate helps you better. 

Shared vs Dedicated Hosting:

Shared web hosting is running on single or shared server where all the server resources are shared across other sites. Shared hosting might be running hundreds of websites on single low specification server and shared bandwidth and hence it is not suitable for high traffic and professional websites who have thousands of daily visitors.

Whereas dedicated web hosting is running on dedicated servers other than VPS. Dedicated web hosting uses dedicated or high bandwidth so you don’t need to worry about your website speed and reliability and keeps you focusing on your actual work.

Free Hosting vs Paid Hosting:

Free web hosting is always better if you have launched a new website and you don’t have much traffic or visitors and your website consumes low bandwidth and space. Many of free hosting provider companies provides a little or no value free hosting with a very basic and limited functionality such as 100 MB to 500 MB Disk space, 10 GB Bandwidth per month, water marks of your hosting on your website and even ads. Free hosting are very likely to go down in mints and are not secured.

Whereas paid web hosting are best for professional website with hundreds to thousands of visitors per day. Paid hosting usually have bandwidth restrictions, high security, more disk space.

Get Free Hosting:

There are a lot of free hosting providers companies with their own restrictions. These hosting providers are best for basic, ad supported, no security websites. Some of the top companies are as below:

Infinity Free:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 400 MY SQL Databases
  • Average website load time
  • Basic SSL Certificate
  • 1 website a user
  • Free sub domain by infinity hosting
000 web host:

  • 10 GB monthly bandwidth
  • 4 hrs website offline per day
  • Free sub domain
  • 3 websites per user
  • Ads based website
  • No SSL certificate
  • Basic website security
  • Free sub domain
  • 1500 MB Disk space
  • Unlimited traffic
  • No ads for new site only
  • Up time not guaranteed 


If you’re newer to website or you’ve started new website, it is good to start with free web hosting for testing purpose. After you’ve started the actual work and your website space increases, you’re getting traffic and you don’t compromises security, It is good to move your website to pro plan.

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