How to get free domain 2019

How to get free domain 2019

How to get free domain 2019


What is domain:

Domain name is the identity of your business, blog or information on the internet. You can connect the domain to web server to get full benefit from it. The shorter the domain, the more value and user’s experience will be. .com .net and .org are the more commonly used TLDs for the domain.

How to get a free domain:

If you want to use a domain for free, you can create as many domains as you want using Freenom

This requires some personal information, Google or Facebook signup. Freenom offers free website builder with you free domain. Once the expiry date is nearby, you can cancel the domain and register it again to continue using the domain for free. Free domain can also be linked with free web hosting such as 000webhost


Pros of free domain:

There are a lot of features of free domains. We will discuss them below.

– You can register free domains multiple times. There will be no limitations on using free domain.

– Free domains required no credit card or bank information for registration. Hence the user’s privacy is more secured.

– No more renewals for a free domain name. Simply delete the free domain before it expires and register it again to enjoy another free year for the domain.

– Many bloggers and SEO experts uses free domains for making private PBN networks as you can create as many free domains as you want.


Cons of free domain:

Unfortunately, there are some limitations or cons of using free domains for your website.

– Business identity is poor with free domain name. The .com domain or .org domain are most commonly used, people prefer visiting higher authority domain’s website.

– Social media sites blocks free spamming domains sharing posts, ips etc.

– Bad impact on SEO with free domains.


If you’re a student or a developer and want to test a website or want to use it personally, I’ll recommend you to use free domain. As newbies and students don’t want to pay for domains or web hosting. But if you want to use domain commercially, you should go for paid domain name. such as .com, .net or .org. This is because business websites, Google adsense based websites and SEO Optimized websites works best with the paid domains.

Thanks for reading our article and taking benefit of free domain. Visit back to our website for more updates.

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