PUBG Free for PC No Emulator

PUBG Free for PC No Emulator

PUBG Free for PC No Emulator


PUBG (Players Unknown’s Battle Ground) is a famous mobile and PC game where players can connect and play globally, makes new clans or teams and destroy villages.
At the beginning, PUBG was introduced on steam PC for 29.99$ + in cost. Players who cannot effort 30$ decided to go on mobile which is free to play.

After 2019, many companies purchases PUBG license from the creator of this game and makes it available to play for free so that the players can experience fully functional game on their high-end gaming PCs.

Ten-cent Game Buddy offers PUBG on PC to download and play without any emulator or third-party software.


  • Free to play on PC
  • Lag free
  • No Emulator
  • Strong Internet Connection
  • Optimized Ping
  • High Graphics
  • 3-D Audio Sound


To download PUBG on PC, please click the link below to download the installer. After download finishes, the installer will download the rest of the game. Follow the easy installation to download and play it on PC for free.

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