Good old games

Good old games

Top PC games of old times

Good old games

Good old games were always better than today’s high graphics and avoidance games as they’ve no story or game play other than shooting and killing enemies and zombies. The story or adventure based games were the best of all the times. Now a days developers are focusing of making high graphics and multiplayer games and ignoring the original story of the game.

Hitman game series:

Hitman game series was the best of old time game for adults. This game has not only shooting but strategic planning to accomplish a mission. The story of Hitman game was awesome till Hitman blood money. As the time changes, the developers start focusing on graphics rather than story and adventure based game play. Hence, the Hitman series was best by the Hitman 1 to Hitman 4 blood money. This game proves that graphics doesn’t matters in the game.

Half life 2 game series:

Half life 2 game series was the best of PC games due to the awesome story and game play. The developers of this game not only focusing on the story, but the adventure game play of killing zombies, rescuing your friends and drive them away. Half life 2 game contains different episodes released between 2008-2015. Each episode of the series is made for the different job of freeman to finish the portal or rescue his friend and his father.

G.T.A. games series:

GTA games were the most played games of all the time. GTA also succeed in gaming till the GTA San Andrea series. This is due to developers focused on story of CJ and their hood, rather than just make a killing and violent game as GTA 5. At this time, people still loves to play GTA San Andrea or SAMP mod. GTA SA have various modes and patches than the newer games. 

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