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make money online

how to make online money

how to make money online 

Why online work?

Work online has become passion for most of the business man and students. Top brands, eCommerce websites and companies relies on the website they’re running or the products they’re advertising and selling online. In this way, business owners has better opportunity on concentrating on actual task or objective without hiring more people to do the work physically.

Online work or make online money is very beneficial for students, who don’t have time to travel and go to a far away place or office to work online. Working online not only saves time but also reduces efforts and opens the doors of new technological trends.

Active Income vs Passive Income:

In active income or active job, you’ll have to keep working to make money. Whenever you stopped working, you’ll income will be stopped. Just like a labor or a teacher. Risk factor is low in active income as it requires no investment.

Whereas, in passive income, you’ll have to invest and build assets on time, so that you can earn without keep doing the work. Just like you rent a car or house. Passive income earns better than active income, but requires huge investment.

Risk factor in earning online:

If you’ve decided to work with non registered companies, where you can invest money to get benefit in return, then risk factor will be very high. This is because of 90% of the companies who works on the investment of users are fraud and scam!. As they build assets on user’s investment and sometime they pay a little to attract users to invest huge amount.

It is recommended to work with the registered companies or top brands such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Free Lancer or Fiverr. They not only requires no investment, but also have high level of users satisfaction. 

Easy ways to make online money:

There a various ways to make online money, but we’ve sorted out the top list of easy ways to make money online without investing a penny. Remember, starting a business or job will not be easy in the beginning, but after some days or months, it may requires less effort and your income will be converted into passive income.

1. Earn through survey:

This is a short time and less effort way to make online money for students by filling out paid surveys. Top brands and companies hire survey companies to test a product or system that they’ll launch. Surveys usually takes less than 5 minutes per survey. Per survey you can earn between 2-5$ in return.

Some of the top surveys companies websites are as below.

iv. SurveyBods
v. Toluna

2. Start a blog or site:

Starting website or blog will help you generate passive income while you sleep or do other work. This type of earning is beneficial for everyone including students, teachers, free lancers and other un employee people. Starting a blog means conveying knowledge to the world that you have.

Starting a blog or website requires various steps to follow.

i. Register a domain:

You need a unique name to represent your business or personal blog site. For this purpose, register a domain name from go-daddy or name cheap. This usually charges around 10-15$ yearly and renews at 20$ approximately.

ii. Web hosting:

If you’re newbie and don’t want to use your site commercially or professionally, you can simply create a free website on blogger. Blogger allows free web hosting on their own platform without tons of customization as in WordPress. Blogger also offers free sub domain of, in case you don’t have domain name.
iii. Start writing content:

Once, you’ve domain and web hosting linked and ready, you can start publishing your content on your website. You should focus on one or two niche on one website. Create two categories for both of them and add it to the website header menu. Make sure you’ve approximately 20-30 posts and privacy policy page on your website for ad-sense or approval.

iv. Monetize your website:

This is the important and last step before generating passive income from your website or blog. For this, we’ll recommend you to monetize your website with Google Adsense, as they’re the most trustworthy and high paying ad network. You can also try, in case adsense rejected your application.

v. Do some SEO for your site:

In order to generate income, you need SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your website or blog. You need to publish high quality content without copying or rewriting it. We recommend you to concentrate on high quality content at first. After you’ve enough content on your site, you can use SEO tools like semrush to optimize your site on search engine. This will generate high income for your website and reward with income on monthly basis.

3. Review apps for money:

Well, this isn’t actual job or business to start with. It is actually a part time work to earn some extra while you do your actual work. This user testing program takes reviews for apps, website, and systems for money. Each testing or review usually takes around 20 minutes and earns 10$ in return via pay pal payment. You can simply sign up on and take a review test in order to start working with them.

5. Make a gig on Fiverr:

If you’ve some skills, you can create your gig on Fiverr so that people can reach you for your services on their project. You need a basic English skills test to pass in order to start working on Fiverr. Once, you’ve completed a project on Fiverr, client will leave a review about your work. This will helps you to get more orders on your Gig.

6. Start a domain and web hosting business:

To start a domain and web hosting business, you need to become a reseller on GoDaddy for domain and connect it with your WHMCS via API integration. This will allows users to register a domain on your website, while godaddy will handle the rest.
For web hosting, you need to purchase a dedicated server, godaddy dedicated servers will help you with web hosting. This usually cost around 200$ per month with 32GB of Ram configuration. Once, you’ve all setup, you can advertise your business on Facebook or Google to gain more clients.

7. Sell products on store:

Well, this isn’t actually easy to achieve, as it requires a lot of development and investment at the beginning. You can start a eCommerce business by building a online store and sell the products on it. There are many free lancer experts that builds online stores websites. You need a team to manage your website, your orders, your clients, support and other jobs. We recommend not to choose this field, if you’re a newbie.

8. Online tutor:

If you’ve skills and higher education, you can start online teaching worldwide on in your country for decent income. There are a lot of people who are searching for online learning in part time. You can start Online tutorial classes of mathematical or science subjects on Skype. To gain more students on this field, you can advertise your skills on YouTube or Facebook.

More ways on how to make money online:

9. Sell on eBay:

If you don’t have much resources or proper team to create your own store and manage it, you can actually publish your products eBay. eBay is a developed and faster way to sell the products worldwide. eBay allows international delivery of the products and online payments through eBay to reduce fraud and scam.

10. Start a YouTube channel:

If you want to earn decent amount of money online, YouTube is the best solution for you to earn between 1000$-5000$ per month. This isn’t easy to start a YouTube monetized channel, but when your’re done with the Monetize on your channel, you can generate passive income by uploading 1 to 3 videos a week. You can start a tech or health channel. Google is very strict with the YouTube program policies that you need to follow all the time.


If you’re newbie or don’t have time to start a business or channel, you can start a part time work like paid survey or reviews apps for money. But if you want to earn serious amount of money online, you can start a professional website or youtube channel and monetize it with Google Adsense. We also recommend you to give a try on Fiverr if you’ve various skills. With Fiverr or Free lancer you can complete project and earn decent money more than 1000$ per month.

Thank you so much for reading our suggestions and visiting our site. For more cool ways on earning money online, click here.

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