how to make Money from Home

how to make Money from Home

how to make money from home

how to make money from home


Why earn money from home:

Its getting traditional to make money from home without going to office or your work place. People do their work online or use passive way to setup their business and earn money online while they sleep.

Passive income is the best method on how to earn money online. Passive income is to invest on a business or website and earn 1000$ every month without working on site or business.

Start a blog:

Blogging is the best way to earn thousands of dollars from home with just writing 1-2 article each day. You can earn decent amount of money around 100$ a month at starting and up to 1000$ if properly S.E.O Optimized and monetized with adsense.
You can start a blog with the following niche:
  • Cooking
  • Travel
  • Health (High CPC/earning)
  • Tech
  • Software
  • Finance (High CPC/earning)

Free gift cards:

Now you can earn free gift of worth 10$ with a little or less effort. Simply sign up on my points and get 10$ free amazon gift card. You can earn points here and redeem it into gift cards for various shopping sites.

Ebates also offers free gift cards, when you sign up with the link provided. Earn 10$ free gift cards here and use it on shopping sites. Just amazon, eBay etc


Become a freelancer:

Many of people from home are doing free lancing to earn extra money in their free time. You can also earn from free lancing website from 100$ to 5000$ per month. Just post your skills and attract more customers to hire you for their project. After the completing of some projects, you’re earning will be increased automatically and you’ll attain more projects.

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