How to increase traffic 2019

How to increase traffic 2019

How to increase traffic 2019

Why We need traffic?:

Traffic or visitors on your website is a primary goal of why you publish your content and earn money from it. The more you have visitors on your website, the more earning and popularity of your website will be. The unique audience is very beneficial for the owner of website of increase their revenue out of it. Owners spend a lot of time on increasing their traffic by hiring traffic services from a company or using SEO optimization.

Which Country’s Traffic is highly paying?:

United States (US), United Kingdom (US) and UAE are the top most highly paying traffic sources as the advertisers of these companies pays more to Google or or any other advertiser to promote their content. So the CPC for the website where ads will be placed is high. Hence, traffic from these sources are always beneficial for advertising company, advertiser and owner of the website as well.

How to target for specific country traffic:

To increase your revenue or CPC, most website owners targets specific countries for traffic and building more audience. This is because these specific Countries advertiser’s pays more than the neglected ones.

To target a specific country for example, united states or united kingdom, you need to do a proper research on the niche and keywords that are using in US and UK then write more and more content and articles on it. In this way, you can gain more audience that are searching for the keyword or tag that you’ve used in to do SEO.

Top traffic selling companies:

1. Google

Google is highly paying and top 1 source for indexing your website and advertising on first page using Google Ads. But they’re not free and requires some investment and google policies to follow. It benefits advertiser and website owner to increase traffic on your website.

2. AlexaMaster:

Alexa Master is a quick and easy way to increase traffic and ranking of your website without having to pay even a cent for it. All you need to do is to visit other’s website and earn coins from it. These coins can now be used to increase traffic on your website. Here you can see the Organic and real traffic and their source. Alexa provides real traffic from Chinese Search Engines as well.

3. You Like Hits:

You like hits works in a same way as AlexaMaster in which you have to earn points by visiting other’s website and viewing their videos. You Like Hits have anti spam using Google Captcha to validate the visitor and to block spam.

SEO To increase Traffic:

Another useful and most common way to increase traffic on your website is to do proper keyword research and write SEO friendly article and increase number of high quality back links for your website. Fortunately, this is a lot easier to do using word-press plugins now a days. You should use Word press as a field and install Yoast Plugin that checks your content and gives SEO score and helps a lot in doing On page SEO. The more high quality and long article you write with long tail keyword, the more your website will be ranked on google. Hence it results in high traffic on your website.

Fore more details on SEO and increasing traffic on your website, feel free to visit the home page of our website.

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