Earn from captcha 2captcha recaptcha 2019

How to earn 1$ daily from Captcha 2019

Earn from captcha 2captcha recaptcha 2019



CAPTCHA (Complete Automated Public Turing test) is a challenge service offered to distinguish between Human and Robot (Computed automated programs) to help protect against spam and other illegal and Misuse of the system. Captcha usually requires user to enter letters or symbols appears in a picture or audio to prove that you’re a legit user.

Captcha Types:

To get started with Captcha and earning through Captcha, you need to consider basic Captcha types.
* Simple Captcha

* No Captcha ReCAPTCHA

* Invisible ReCAPTCHA

* Confident RECAPTCHA

The functionality of each of type is already defined by the Captcha System as user start working for Captcha.

It is legit? How much can i earn?:

Captcha is completely legit and free to use. First Captcha was introduced in 2000. Later on it grow into various types.

You can earn 1$ Approximately for each 1000 Captchas you solve. reCAPTCHA earns even more. If you are continuously making mistakes while solving Captcha, you account will be disabled temporary then you can start work on next day or in few hours.

Start Earning with Captcha:

2Captcha is the service or company offers Captcha earning. You need to register an account here:
After you registered an account with 2Captcha, Download their software on your PC to speed up solving Captcha, otherwise you need work from their website directly.

After you’ve reached the minimum threshold of payment approx 1$, you can withdraw the money with the following payment gateways.

* Bitcoins

* Web Money

* Perfect Money

* Adv cash

* Payza

(Note: Minimum threshold may be different. Depends on payment method you choose)

If you need any help regarding 2Captcha or earning with 2Captcha, feel free to ask in the comments below


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