Can Cats Eat Banana? | Nutritional Benefits of Banana

Can Cats Eat Banana? | Nutritional Benefits of Banana

Can cats eat banana? | Nutritional benefits of banana

We have discussed that which human food is edible for our pets and which are not edible. It’s our cat’s habit to munch on every food, their owner have. But, this time we are going to discuss the edibility of very famous fruit i.e. banana.

Bananas are actually a much favor fruit which is tasty nutritious and beneficial for humans too. Its scientific name is ‘Musa Spientum’ means ‘fruit of the wise men’. Everyone loves this fruit which is available in almost every house especially in summers. So, its availability provides a bright chance to your felines to munch over such tasteful fruit and every pet owner is curious about can cats eat bananas? How bananas are beneficial for cats? Is banana’s skin good for felines? These are the questions which feline’s owners tend to Ask Frequently.

So let us have a look that can cat eat bananas? If, yes then how it is beneficial for cats?

Can cats eat banana?

Yes, cats can eatbanana; most experts agree over this that there is no problem in having bananas for cats. As it is beneficial for humans in the same way it is okay for felines too.

According to ASPCA bananas are not toxic for cats. It is such a delightful and sweet fruit which is close to perfection because of its nutrients it carries.

As we all know it well that, cats are meat eater and this is awful if your felines has shifted from meat to human food. But, there is nothing to fear about because it offers the same benefits as it offers to human, because it is perfectly packed with nutrients.

For this you have to learn about cat’s body and their reaction towards certain human foods but all of above have a look over nutritional value of bananas.

Health benefits of banana:

Surely, we have said it above that banana are beneficial but how it is beneficial for felines?
Bananas carry high level of

·         Protein
·         Vitamin C
·         Potassium
·         Magnesium
·         Fibers
·         Manganese
·         Vitamin B6
·         Vitamin B
·         and low calories

Bananas are good for lowering blood pressure. It also reduces the risk of heart attack and strokes.

It reduces the chances of getting cancer.

Bananas are also known for lifting mood but at the top most, the glaring benefits of banana are the provision of fibers.

Fibers in banana are good for reducing obesity. Extra fiber can cause the feeling of satiety without adding calories.

Fibers are helpful in stomach disorder. It helps in treatment of diarrhea as well.

It also helps in constipation by providing moisture to stomach.

If banana serves such amount of benefits then owners cannot stop themselves from adding it into their feline’s diet but they should remember the moderation. Otherwise these plus points would shift into negative ones.

Are bananas good for cats?

We have discussed the nutritional value of bananas and in how many ways it is beneficial but the question here is, are bananas good for felines? We all know that banana benefits human a lot but do they benefit cats in the same way as they do to human or not.

 For a cat eating banana is not beneficial as it is for us. Simply because, they can’t absorb the vitamins and nutrients apart from fibers.

However, cats cannot get nutrients from plant based food like bananas as their digestive systems are made from such fruits as humans do.

So, the benefit banana serves for human is not equally for felines too. Cats are purely carnivores and they do not need to get the plant based food because they can get nutrients easily from their own treats.

Also, the cats don’t need fibers in the same amount as human and dogs need and that amount can be fulfill from other sources. Adding too much can cause them to feel fuller without the addition of calories, thus preventing obesity.

 Quite simply, banana does not serve well for felines but they can eat banana in small amount if your feline love to have.

Despite its uselessness for furry friends it is not listed in toxic foods for cats so your felines can enjoy them but be moderate.

Is banana bad for cats:

As compared to the other fruits banana carries high quantity of sugar as well as carbohydrates too which are bad for cats.

Too much sugar can cause obesity in cats and as it ripens, more sugar is produced naturally. So, your cat might get diabetes from high amount of natural sugar which it carries.

Obese cats are also at higher risk of getting hyperthyroidism and pancreatic disease too.
Bananas are also good for providing energy to human but this is not for cats because they cannot digest and break down them as their digestive system don’t allow them to.

Serving too much banana to cats may lead them to several stomach disorders in felines like constipation and diarrhea. So, always remain in moderation.

Can cats eat banana peel?

Well, we have discussed it in detail that banana is not harmful for your felines but it does not serve them like human. So, the next question arises here is can cats eat banana peel?

No, avoid giving your felines banana peels because most of the time it happens that banana peels has pesticide on them which may be toxic for your cats.

The other reason is that it might risk the choking hazards to your felines and your cat would not digest banana peel. So, always remove peel before serving it to your cats.

Tips for feeding your cat bananas:

Keep several points before serving your felines banana.

·         First of all, be moderate always serve them as a treat not as a full meal. It should be given occasionally or it would affect your feline’s health.
·         Consider your cat’s age before serving because older one are at higher risks of getting diabetes if they are fed regularly.
·         Avoid serving rotten banana to your feline which might upset cat’s stomach.
·         Don’t give them banana peel and always start from small amount and small pieces of banana would be more easy for felines to digest.

 Conclusion- the bottom line:

From above discussion, banana is one of the healthy and tasteful human foods which can be shared with fury friends. This fiber rich fruit do a lot of wonder for their digestive system. So, yes cats can eat bananas but always in moderation. It can only be served occasionally. Although it cannot give them real nutritional value but it is not harmful too except if it is not harmful too except if t is given in high amount and never make it their regular diet.

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