Can Cats Eat Apple? | Useful Information about Cat’s food

Can Cats Eat Apple? | Useful Information about Cat’s food

Can cats eat apple? | Useful Information about Cat’s food

We have already discussed a list of human foods which are beneficial for your pet especially for your felines. But when it comes down to that what can your cats eat, you need to be little careful. This time we are going to discuss about apples, can cats eat apples? It sometimes happen that pet owners share their beneficial food to their cats too or your cat love sharing.

This nutrients packed fruit is full of health benefits for human and it is famous about apples that “An apple a day keeps doctor away.” So does it benefit cats too or not?

Though, it is understood that apple offers a list of essential nutrients and it is not in the list of toxic foods for cats. So, Yes! Cats can eat apples.

Before serving them apple we should have a look that how it benefits and why it is healthy for your felines.

Nutritional value of apple:

Apples, a healthy and delicious treat for humans and cats too, contains list of various essential nutrients.
·         Calcium
·         Vitamin C
·         Phytonutrients
·         Anti-oxidants
·         Low cholesterol
·         Vitamin K

·         It helps in reducing the risk of asthma
·         It controls diabetes and lowers the chances of cancers by hindering the cell growth.
·         The apple skin contains phaeton nutrients which have anti-oxidants properties evidently which decreases the chances of cancer.
·         It is also a best source of dietary fibers.
So if tropical fruit serves these nutritional benefits then there is no problem in adding it your pet’s treat.

Can cats eat apple?

As we have discussed above a list of nutritional value which apple serves so, the answer to this question can cats eat apple? Is yes, surely, cats can eat apples. Apples are safe for felines it is not toxic for your furry friends but as we all know that cats are obligate carnivores, so, that they face difficulty in utilizing nutrients from plants. They probably cannot make use of all the nutrients which apple offers so it is not toxic for cats except core, seed, stem and its leaves.

Yes it is true that apple core and seed s are bit poisonous which can be toxic for felines. Actually, the apple core have pips and seed contains traces of cyanide. So few seeds can upset your cat’s tummy if they are fed with too many seeds it might cause cyanide poisoning.

From above threats, fresh apples are best for serving but remove its core and seeds before feeding apple to your lovely pets.

Are apple safe for cats?

As we all know the nature of cats that they are obligate carnivores and it would be little bit harder for cats to digest apple but it is not toxic for cats. It does not have any health risks for cats except few exceptions.

Though, cats don’t absorb all the nutrients from apple like human because it is harder for them to have plant based foods. So, feeding few slices of fresh apples to your felines would be healthy for them. The anti-oxidants which apples contain serves various health benefits for our cats.

It is good source for strengthening your cat’s immune system and also helps in slowing down the aging process of cats.

Even foods like apples are beneficial for your cat’s health, if served in small doses it is good to introduce apples to your feline’s diet to replace unhealthy high fat pet treats.
So, offering a few slice of fresh apples are safe and healthy for cats.

Bad effects of apples:

Cats can eat apple and it is not toxic for cats even, but apple can be harmful. As apple core and seeds contain little amount of cyanide in them which might threat your feline’s life causing cyanide poisoning. So, few more seeds and apple peel would disturb your cat’s tummy or it may even risk your pet’s life.

But, if its core and seeds are removed then it’s okay and safe for cats to have apples, only few slices.

What about Apple-sauce and dried apple?

We can’t recommend you to serve applesauce to your felines. If you are thinking that applesauce is alternate to mashing and peering a solid apple then you are wrong because probably it might contain few spices , preservatives and artificial flavors too which is not good for cat’s health so, avoid it.

In the case of dried apple, it lacks juice or moisture as compared to fresh apples which might affect your cat’s tummy or might disturb its digestive system. So, it can’t be given. Just go for slices of fresh and juicy apples.

Tips to prepare apple for your cats:

There are few tips or precautions which should be followed if you are willing to fed your felines apples:
·         As we have mentioned above that apple seeds and core could be harmful and dangerous for cats so it should be assured that seeds and apple peel are removed before feeding it to them. It would be easier for them.
·         If you don not  remove the apple skin then wash it properly with clean water in order to remove pesticides which it carry because this can have dangerous impact on your felines.
·         Never feed too much apple to felines in one sitting because of this likely cause the digestive disorder to your furry friends reflects badly to apples then stop feeding them apples. Always keep moderation. Give it as an occasional treat.
·         Cut apple into small slices edible pieces because small pieces are easily digestible for cats. It will also help in avoid choking.
These are the few precautionary measures which should be adapted to serve healthy life of your pet.

Conclusion_ the bottom line:

After the whole discussion the answer to this question can cats eat apples? Is YES, cats can eat apple but moderation is the key. This nutrient packed fruit is beneficial for felines but along with precautionary measures.
Pet owners don’t need to terrify if your cat has habit of munching apples, you can serve it as treat and always keep it in mind the carnivorous nature of your cats. So, let your felines enjoy apples.

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